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Physiotherapy Clinic

Our fusion of AI and human physios gives
you world-class care with no waiting list.

Personal healthcare, population scale.

The only digital MSK service registered with the CQC

The only technology with MHRA approval to autonomously assess and treat back pain

Right care, right place, right time.

>1 Billion

possible treatment combinations in our AI system. Let us create the most effective treatment plan for you


of our back pain patients have a fully automated pathway, with weekly AI physio appointments

0 days

No waiting lists here. Same day assessment and triage guaranteed. Start getting better today

1 you

Our system constantly adapts to thousands of your unique variables. Your care, totally personalised

Weekly appointments and a 6 month care pathway at lower cost than a single traditional MSK visit


Our virtual appointments are available whenever and wherever you need them

How It Works

Get assessed

Where we’ve been contracted by the NHS in your area (or your insurer) you can self-refer straight to our service - no need to go via your GP. Your first appointment with Flok will be with our AI-powered digital doctor, who will ask you some questions to assess your back pain and ensure our digital treatment is right for you.

Get treatment

If physiotherapy is likely to be effective for you, we'll prescribe you a series of weekly appointments with our digital physio. Each appointment is like a 30 minute video call, except our side of the call is created by our AI engine in real-time, just for you. You can answer questions and your digital physio will respond to you live, in a continuously generated personal video stream.

Get better

During each of your appointments, your digital physio will prescribe a set of exercises for you to practise over the course of the coming week before your next appointment. These exercises are specifically selected for your based on a detailed analysis of your symptoms and movement patterns. Our app guides you through practicing your exercises between appointments, and helps you see your progress and stay on track.

Get help

Our expert clinical team of physiotherapists and doctors monitor your recovery remotely. A member of our team will arrange to speak to you on the phone if they need more information from you, or to further optimise your treatment plan. You can also contact us from within the app at any time for additional support.

Payer Dashboard

Our CQC mandate allows us to fully manage MSK patients on behalf of their NHS Trust, Health Board, or ICS. From self-referral and assessment through to treatment, discharge and follow-up, our team manages the entire pathway for the conditions we treat.

We give Trusts and Commissioners the tools for full oversight of our performance, including our Payer Dashboard. You get transparent observability of how we’re doing—with KPIs, health economic data, and PROMs metrics reported in real-time.

Why Flok

Get more, for less

A fully outsourced care pathway with Flok costs less than a single traditional MSK appointment

No backlogs, no wait

Same-day treatment access and scalable delivery means we can reduce your backlog and wait times, and relieve capacity strain on other services and staff


Allow patients the choice of a digital pathway with immediate access and more frequent follow-up. Plus the convenience of 24/7 appointment availability from their own home

Quality, guaranteed

Key national and local guidelines, standards, and the associated clinical literature is hard-coded into our AI decision engine, so every patient is guaranteed access to the gold-standard

Patient Testimonials

“It's so customizable, and I’m able to give feedback in real time within the session. It really does feel like a physical therapist is advising me in the moment”

"I've tried physio off a piece of paper but I didn't stick to it. I would genuinely rather do this than go somewhere in-person. It's a brilliant, brilliant idea”

"It asks 'is this helping?' or 'can you do this?' and you can actually answer the video. That's amazing, I've never seen anything like it"

"Since using the app, it's the first time in months that I've not been in pain at work"

“I struggle with depression so the fact that the app is very get-going kept my motivation up... Getting straight into it made me more likely to carry on”

“It customises my session to what I'm going through that day, not just historically, but what I have going on with my back right now, because that can change minute to minute”

About Flok

We are a digital-native healthcare provider based in Cambridge, UK.Founded by Finn and Ric in 2022, our growing team has deep expertise across clinical medicine, engineering, and machine learning. We have a proven track record of building and commercialising disruptive healthtech at scale in Europe, and are well-backed by top-tier VCs and multiple unicorn founders.We are proud to be working with innovative NHS partners to serve patients on their behalf.

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Back Pain

Interactive digital physiotherapy,
designed for you.

Download Flok Health on the Apple App Store or Google PlayNHS Borders Occupational Health have partnered with Flok Health to offer a new AI-powered digital back pain service to all staff for a 6 week trial.The high-tech service will run until the end of December 2023, providing staff with free instant access to personal physiotherapy appointments via the Flok Health app.Flok Health’s AI system creates highly personalised physiotherapy appointments for you using reactive video technology, so you can answer your digital physio’s questions and your treatment will adapt in real-time, entirely unique to you.All staff are eligible to self-refer for back pain treatment. Use the code 'BORDERS23' when you register in the Flok Health app to get free access.